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How to Deal With Headache on Your Period

That’s right, its not simply you-the period migraine is real. Without a doubt, numerous ladies do experience the ill effects of the extravagant analysis of premenstrual headaches, says , MD, a clinical teacher of obstetrics, gynecology, and conceptive sciences at Yale School of Medicine. It is extremely hard to discern whether a headache is hormonally […]


3 signs that your partner is a pathology lier

How would you classify a person to be a pathological liar? Well, as determined by various experts and specialists in the field, a pathological liar is someone who might have a history of lying and dishonesty without having any real logical motive or reason. And that’s why it’s very stressful whenever you get into a […]


The purpose of sex in marriage

It was Dr J. Allan Petersen that said, “Sex is beautiful, delightful and necessary. God made it so; it is an expression of oneness, a total commitment, a complete self-giving and a sacred obligation. wedding ring Sex is not a right to claim selfishly, not a cavour to withhold childishly, not a weapon to dominate […]


5 tips for successful relationship

Searching for relationship advice, you’ll find a plethora of information and tips on marriages, partnerships, and long-term relationships. But what about short-term relationships? In a culture where casual hook ups are not only accepted but thriving with dating apps, it’s important that we navigate these short-term relationships (STRs) with respect and clear communication to make […]