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Good day to you all. We are sorry for the fact that we have not been sharing sponsored posts for quite some days now. We are currently working to resolve that.

The reason behind it is that the button “Click Here To Earn” is having issues and work is ongoing on it and very soon it will be resolved. We can’t be posting sponsored Post without people not getting the 100 for sponsored post and the button which will enable members to get the earnings is malfunctioning. Please we seek for you patience.


We really need to say this to all members and we are going to be straight forward. You all must know that SPARKLIGHT INCOME is an affiliate program which you get rewarded for bringing members to the system while the activities earnings aspect is just as an additional to your earnings. Some members so so depend wholly on activities earnings without making attempt to even referred even when some members have been paid without referrals and they still want us to pay them again without bringing anyone, that is never possible.

members that were paid without referrals should know that it was the money members that do refer brought in to the website that we used to pay them. We all should learn that this is an affiliate program and activities earnings is just an additional. so we urge you all to inculcate the mindset of referring if you must earn more in Sparklight Income. We love you all. Thanks

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185 Replies to “Notice On Sponsored Post

  1. may God put us through, i believe you guys, its just that its not easy to convince people this days, but am realy working on that.

  2. SLW is trying its best. If members have been paid like twice or so,such should also try to refer others to the program and opportunity. That way,the program will be sustained. Thanks.

  3. Apology accepted….. we equally pray you to look into the new development of no referral no payment… actually convincing person(s) to trust an online transactions is really a good task…. many scams led to that…. ask that you make it easy.

  4. Thank you for informing us but find a way of increasing our earning daily or making it up for us since we are loosing N100 every day.

  5. Hmmmmmm……
    Do they think it’s easy to get people to refer
    Anyone u try to convince to join will tink u are trying to scam them
    Pls they should be considerate

  6. Referring people to spark light is not a problem.
    The referrals wants to see me paid.
    I want to get paid first and trust me my friends and families are ready to join just as soon as I get paid.

    1. Una don dey change… at first you told us we can earn without referral, now you are saying we should inculcate( instill, infuse) the mindset of referral..

      So those who are referring, you are using their hard work to pay your non referral registered members.. I taught you guys said you have Google Adsense approved?? Na so NNU started, before you know it.. it crashed.

  7. if referrals is nw compulsory then i dnt think i hv any business here cos i cant come nd die because i want to refer. I knw other platform that has been stayin true with their word. It seems the CEO of this platform is in a haste to get members,remember slw was launched nt long ago. The platform commitment to its word wil be the factor that wil attract new members

  8. We cant even earn up to 100 from reading nd commenting in a day without the sponsored post. As a new member hw wil i be able to convince my frnds to join the platform when am nt even sure if i made the right decision by joining. You keep puting doubts in our minds with ur words. I nw knw better

  9. If its so easy to convince people to the plaform, i knw u would hv done it urself. Na this kind of ur post dey fear members biko. You are too mean to us

  10. Ok boss but keep note of this that it is not easy to persuade people especially when it involve money because most people has been scam which they don’t want such to happen to them again….But anyway we will keep trying….

  11. I have not even been paid ones. How then do I convince others to join. Please, you need to consider the new members ooo. Because it’s when they are paid that they can easily persuade others to join. Thanks.

  12. Everyone i have tried to convince keeps asking for my payment proof, if you try to change your word (by not paying without referral), then we hace no badge to show them as the gain,

    seeing is always believing

  13. Noted.

    Am working on referral but they always ask for payment proof so if am paid this month ending, am sure that I can refer someone

  14. Does that mean without referral I can’t be paid. I have not been paid a dime since I register ,how will I convince others to join

  15. Duly noted. Reffral is not an issue as people around me want me to get paid first before they can join considering their previous experience with other networks

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