Notice On Withdrawal

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Good day to SLW mebers, this is to inform you all that withdrawal request form is currently available this morning……….. form will be closing by 8pm today.


In sparklight income, there are two categories of withdrawal form

  1. Affiliate withdrawal i.e Referral bonus: pls note that minimum withdrawal for referral bonus is N2,000 i.e two referrals
  2. Activities withdrawal: pls note that minimum withdrawal for activities earnings is N5,000

NOTE: Transaction fee of N200 will be deducted on each transaction

WARNING: Pls do not apply for withdrawal if you did not have minimum withdrawal……….if you do, it will attract deduction of N300 from your account…….we sincerely beg you to hold on till you get minimum withdrawal………..minimum withdrawal for referral bonus is N2,000 and minimum withdrawal for activities earnings is N5,000……….pls adhere to strict warnings

Note: sparklight income pay you with or without referrals……….whenever you get to the minimum withdrawal, we will pay you…….do not apply for withdrawal if you have not gotten to minimum withdrawal…….if you do, N300 will be deducted from your account for violating strict warning. Thanks………we love you all



  1. login to your account
  2. Then go to dashboard at the top menu
  3. From your dashboard, you will see Affiliate withdrawal and activities withdrawal……kindly fill the one you are qualify for correctly
  4. Pls kindly fill your details correctly
  5. Then Apply Just Once ………..


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  1. Thanks a lot SLW… But am having a little problem with sponsored post
    .. I don’t get paid anytime I share sponsored post please kindly look into this case

  2. I wonder how pple dat get paid every week do theirs bcos I hv do me mine for 1month now still my earnings is too poor…….this website news is too small and the earning for comments is reduced to 1#,the video u guys promised for where!am really tired of all this

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