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Payout Sheet For 27th Of April, 2019

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This is the payout sheet for this week and we wish to see more names next week as we will continue to pay members every blessed Saturday.

As we all know that Sparklight Income is an affiliate programme that pays you greatly for referring, we urge us all to inculcate the habit of keep referring as we will always pay you N1,000 for referring.

We quite understand that some members do not know how to referring and some don’t even want to make attempt at all but we all should know that referring is quite easy when there is passion in what you are doing.

Making N10,000 weekly is very possible in the sense that you keep on telling people about the platform. If you can try to talk to at least 20 people daily, 2 people will definitely listen to you.

We wish to see more members getting paid every week and making more money and we want to really appreciate all members keep referring because you all are the backbone of the website. More grace to you all. Love you all


Download The payout sheet below


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57 Replies to “Payout Sheet For 27th Of April, 2019

  1. please when will activities earning be paid. i was paid my second referral bonus already and time for activities earning which you said last Wednesday we did not see the form to fill

  2. Do u guys just said ‘keep referring’? How will people join if u dont pay activities earners? Do u think people will join if they dont see proof? Well i dont have much to say. At first, i thought sparklight worlds will maintain her image.

  3. Yea, referral is easy when prospects see proof of payment. Where there’s no proof, they are reluctant to join since many have had previous experiences from other sites.

  4. I was so dissappointed for what u guyz did to me, before i joined this platform, u guyz said u are paying with or without referral…
    Now i wanted to cash out my activities earning that is when u guys said u are not paying without referral, it’s okay….am just happy that i haven’t lure my friends into this fucking platform, no wonder they were waiting for me to get paid without referral first before they can join…
    At least u guys should pay people without referral for their first time then after that u can make referral compulsory for them…
    U jst waste my money, no qualms, we shall see

  5. when i tell my friends about this,they will ask me about my first earning, Soo i can’t convince them anymore,Soo please you should try pay our activities earnings

  6. Please sparklight stick to your words,my friends can’t join without prove and i don’t blame them because they have had bad experience with other platforms.please I beg you in the name of GOD,the money I used to register I collected from my brother hoping that you guys are unique and not like Nnu that didn’t pay
    me a dime. Please,biko stick to your word and GOD Almighty will surely make a way for you guys beyond your expectation because by sticking to your words(ie paying without referral) you are helping the youth especially those in higher institution and by that you wouldn’t know how GOD will mysteriously bless your business beyond your expectations and they will be encouraged and be proud to their friends even if they don’t have money for registration they may even use their own money to register for them since you guys pay and trust worthy

  7. God punished the CEO of this platform all our money and sweat you collect you we not use it for better thing in your life do you think we bought the data we take they browse for free thunder fire you once again

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