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Payout Sheet For 30th Of March, 2019

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This is the Payout sheet for this week and we wish to see more members getting paid.

As stated in last week payout that we have changed our payment policy, we will love to state the policy again as some members are still not cleared.

The review of the payment policy is as Follow;

Henceforth, Activities Earnings withdrawal will be every last week of the month, this is because we used to get our sponsored ad money monthly, this will make us to generate more revenue and pay members that did not refer at all and this next week inclusive

NOTE: Referral Earnings withdrawal remains every blessed week with a minimum of N2,000 i.e two referrals and you always get your money to your bank account every week without any story or excuse. So we urge us to bring more people to the website and you will definitely be rewarded with N1,000 on each person you registered using your referral link. Making 50,000 in a week is very possible because this is an affiliate program that you get N1,000 on every members you bring to the website, imagine you could afford to be talking to 20 people in a day, at least 2 people will definitely answer and that is 2,000 daily.

We all should note that this is an affiliate program website that award you greatly with N1,000 for bring members to the platform, reading of post, comment and the likes will not fetch you what you want financially, so always make attempt and refer and make more money.

so we wish to see more members getting paid. More wins



Download The Payout sheet Below


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290 Replies to “Payout Sheet For 30th Of March, 2019

  1. Good morning people….. Thank you slw for this wonderful opportunity to earn extra simply by reading, commenting, sharing and referrals..

  2. Congratulations to those that got paid this week

    Please we are very grateful for all you people have been doing but we beg you to please make sure that the payment POLICY favours everyone and leave the rest for us

    Sparklight will surely grow and increase in members


  3. I thought the withdrawal is on Saturdays and now I’ll have to wait for the last week of April. Thanks to sparklightworlds anyways, keep it up.

  4. I love your explanations on issues like this, please do always consider people like us that are finding it difficult to get referral, because are difficult to convince

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