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Sponsored Post For 22th Of April, 2019

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Sponsored Posts are Rich contents or Adverts posted by Sparklight  income program which is required to be shared by  our members to different social media accounts.[In Sparklight Income, its a must to share sponsored posts  ] SLW would share advertising revenue with you on PAYOUT Day.

Procedure to share sponsored post

  1. Copy the hash tag content
  2. save the image below to your device
  3. Then go to your facebook account
  4. Then upload the copied content together with picture saved on your device
  5. Then click on the link in red colour
  6. Then come back to sparklight income website to click on “click here to earn”
  7. You get 100 for sponsored post
  8. And drop a reasonable comment……..pls note that commenting on sponsored post is a must


NOTE: please note that if you are not sharing our sponsored post regularly, we will not process your withdrawal request and it will be rejected. please be guided. Sparklight income Sponsored post sharing is a must to get paid. 

#Sparklight income pay you for reading posts……….with or without Referrals

#Sparklight income


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Sharing is caring!

150 Replies to “Sponsored Post For 22th Of April, 2019

  1. The Sparklight world suddenly decided not to pay without referrals and introduced good…. now it is hubspay ……hmmmm the platforms don too many nah

  2. It is never easy to read and comment and it is also never easy to convince anyone to join …. we didn’t get evidence of payment to show them you want us to join another new one making two now now nawa oo.

  3. Yes o why do you change your word before you said you we pay with or without referrals now only referrals get paid, how do you expect us to invite people when you don’t follow your word

  4. am really troubled o.I expected to get my first payment dis month.but u are no longer payin for activities..how do 08091174228 expect us to now bring people when other platforms pay without referrals .what do you think about it friends?

  5. Are you people trying to phase out spark light worlds?…first goady now hubspay… You are not even paying normal activity earnings… People want to see me earn before they can join through me.

  6. This platform is not ponzi. ..so who will you say you paid that didn’t pay another eeh. ..we dey jeje you come tell us read news and get paid eeh why are you changing nah

  7. Thanks for the sponsored post today but which way nah..today Hudspay yesterday Goodloaded. …what is really happening are we safe…..

  8. we have been using our data reading and advertising Sparklight world now you don’t want to pay us unless we bring referrals. ..do you think it is easy to convince anyone to join in this hard times

  9. Thanks sparklight for this wonderful information but why new platform…. I would have advised you use this efforts that you are putting to build all these new ones. .to maintain sparklight world.

  10. This can be contradictory.
    How can your sponsored post advertise another platform??..think about it.

    Plus it’s gonna be sending the wrong signals to poeple.

  11. Everybody run for your dear life… This’s Scam stop Waiting your Data Nd times… On this Rubish platform call SLW 😡😡😡😡😡

  12. This is already turning into a scam, how can you be introducing other platform on your site.. I think something is fishy… Sparklight keep to your word… Cos i cant be wasting my time and data, you now telling me no payment for activities earner

  13. Nice information though relying on only a source of income is not all that good… Thanks so much sparklight world for introducing this other platform

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